Historical Milestone - First FCZ Activity In North Butterworth Container Terminal

29 MAY 2021, BY

PENANG, 29th APRIL 2021 — 29th April 2021 will forever be etched in the history books as the North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) received the first transhipment from Evergreen Marine Corp (Ever Chant) with a total of 223 TEUs.

The 223 TEUs marks the starting of a new chapter as Penang Port Sdn Bhd (Penang Port) leverages on the Free Commercial Zone (FCZ) status to reach greater heights. Penang Port will also cater for value added activities such as high-tech warehousing, thus spearheading the positive economic growth in the Northern region of Malaysia.

NBCT made history when it was gazetted as FCZ effective 1st February 2021. The historic milestone enables Penang Port as the oldest and established port in Malaysia to be one of a focal point for shipping and transhipment activities.

The transhipment activity from the Bay of Bengal to Penang Port is one of the most lucrative opportunities that has been identified by Penang Port. In the year 2020, the Bay of Bengal throughput volume is estimated to be around 8.1 million TEU’s. Soon, Penang Port plans to link up feeder operators in the Bay of Bengal with mainline operators.

Penang Port is strategically located North of Peninsular Malaysia, which enable transhipment activity from the Bay of Bengal before Port Klang. Penang Port will have the added advantage as it will be the first port to be contacted when any shipping lines enter the Straits of Malacca.
Few of the top carriers have shown their interest in the transhipment of cargo at NBCT. The plans of FCZ received positive feedback from the carriers and this shows Penang Port is fully committed to expanding the FCZ business.

Penang Port Sdn Bhd (Penang Port) is a port operator company (a member of the MMC Group) located in the Penang State, in the north-west of Peninsular Malaysia. Penang Port is the oldest and longest established port in Malaysia. The port serves as the main gateway for shippers in the Northern States of Malaysia as well as the Southern Provinces of Thailand. 

The port is fully equipped to handle all types of cargo, such as containerised and non —containerised cargo such as liquid, dry bulk, and break-bulk. 

Apart from cargo, Penang Port receives passengers at the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal (SPCT), "A Leading Cruise Destination in South East Asia." located on Penang Island. The terminal can handle up to one million passengers a year. 

Penang Port's terminal, the North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) was gazetted as a Free Commercial Zone (FCZ) on 1 February 2021, which enables Penang Port to be the focal point for shipping and transshipment activities. 

Penang Port will capitalise on its FCZ status to tap into the Bay of Bengal market by undertaking transshipment activities for containers moving between the Bay of Bengal and the Far-East. 

Additional information can be found on www.penangport.com.my 

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