10 JANUARY 2015, BY Chief Operating Officer - Steven Yoogalingam





9 January 2015 - At approximately 0845 hours today the Ferry Pulau Payar was on its routine schedule departing the Butterworth Terminal and heading towards the Penang terminal.

Unfortunately, as the Ferry unberthed from the Butterworth terminal, it experienced a minor technical issue with the engine as one of its six cylinders malfunctioned causing heavy smoke to be discharged from the exhaust funnel of the vessel.

Contrary to some media reports and news circulating on the social media that the ferry was on fire, PPSB would like to clarify that there was NO fire on the ferry at any point of time.

As per standard operating procedures, the captain immediately reberth the ferry (at the Butterworth terminal) using the vessel’s own engines and propulsion. As an added precaution, Penang Port tug boats were deployed to be on standby, but were eventually not required.

Upon reberthing, all passengers and vehicles were discharged and transferred to another ferry. The Pulau Payar ferry was then taken out of service for checks and has since been repaired.

Penang Port would like to assure the public that all our ferries are fully operational and remain fully certified as being seaworthy. 

Thank you

Md. Derick Basir
Senior General Manager 
Support Services