30 JANUARY 2015, BY

Dear Ferry Users,

In conjunction with the upcoming Thaipusam festival on Tuesday 3 February 2015, we are expecting an increase in the number of passengers using our ferry services.

Based on previous years’ experience, the number of passengers will start to increase on Thaipusam eve (from 3500 pax on normal days to approximately 6000 pax on Thaipusam eve). The crowd is expected to reach approximately 8200 pax on Thaipusam day.

We wish to advice all ferry users to exercise extra caution over these two days (2nd & 3rd February 2015). As an added safety and security measure, Penang Port will be deploying additional manpower to manage the crowd. Additional Police personnel will be stationed at our Ferry terminal and we will also have our Fire & Rescue team and OSHE team on site.

We wish to advice all ferry users to comply and adhere to instructions given by our Authorised personnel. In case of emergency, please find below some important phone numbers that you may contact :

  • Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal (Butterworth) - 04- 3102 377
  • Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal (Georgetown) - 04-2102 363
  • Butterworth Police Station - 04-3322 222
  • Penang Sentral Operations Room - 04-3321 015

Happy holidays and stay safe !

Thank you.

Md. Derick Basir
Senior General Manager
Support Services