04 FEBRUARY 2015, BY

150212.jpg From left to right (Md Derick Basir, Senior General Manager Support Services; YBhg Datuk Mohd Sidik Shaik Osman; Chairman; Mohamad Haszli Ramli, General Manager Human Resources; Saiful Adli, Secretary for Employee’s Union)

4 February 2015 – The long pending Collective Agreements (2013 – 2015) between PPSB Management and both the port’s Senior Officers’ Association (SOA) and Employees’ Union (EU) were finally signed in a simple but yet meaningful ceremony today.

PPSB Chairman YBhg Datuk Mohd Sidik Shaik Osman signed on behalf of the management. Others in attendance included Chief Operating Officer Steven Yoogalingam, Chief Financial Officer Radhi Mohamad, Senior General Manager for Support Services Division Md Derick Basir, the port’s senior management team and the EXCO members of both the SOA and EU.

According to EU President Mohd Azmi bin Ali, the Collective Agreement between PPSB and the EU was signed after reaching consensus amicably.

“Issues affecting our members were highlighted to the new Management team during the discussions. I am pleased to say that the new Management team has been very transparent and fair in their discussions with the EU, so much so that we were able to resolve most of the issues amicably after only several meetings”.

Meanwhile, SOA President Sharil Dato’Abdul Shukor said that the signing was timely.
“The signing of the Agreements has been pending for 2 years since 2013. I hope that the signing of the Collective Agreement has in a way quashed any uncertainties and anxieties felt by some of our SOA members” Sharil said.

“This will definitely be a boost for all our members and hopefully they will continue to further improve their productivity and quality of work” he added.

In his speech, Datuk Mohd Sidik encouraged the EXCOs of the SOA and EU to work closely with the new Management of PPSB to further improve services and productivity of the port. He also reminded staff on the importance of business sustainability and creating a disciplined workforce; and highlighted that moving forward the company would be heading towards a "Performance Based Reward” culture.

150212b.jpgA simple but yet meaningful event